Analysis of Smart Paralysis

Analysis of Smart Paralysis

By Neal Lachman et al

There is no shortage of city officials and IT experts who want to turn their city into a Smart City. But despite 2+ decades of talking about smart cities, and -at last count- 5 gazillion smart city solutions, what has been achieved till date?

A cute sensor-network here, an interesting alert-system there, a nice lighting solution here, a successful refuse-collection sensor deployment there; that’s all great, but it’s nothing special. We’ve read many “vision statements”, plans of action, RFPs et cetera, coming from a range of involved people, ranging from giant tech firms to industry analysts to IT guys. Also very nice, but aren’t they forgetting something?

Read this document to understand the “smart paralysis”. (This document was first published by the Angie team in November 2016, but the topic and the problems it identified, is still relevant in 2021, if not more than ever before.)

Angie specializes in Next-Generation Communications Infrastructure and is dedicated to realizing the convergence of brand-new infrastructures in order to provide a seamless, ubiquitous customer experience, as well as to enable Internet-of-Things, smart-city solutions and services. By building these next-generation MB/WA and FTTP infrastructures from the ground up, without being encumbered by ownership of any legacy systems and operations, Angie creates a fully converged nationwide infrastructure, operating ultra-high-speed MB/WA networks.

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Angie’s team, under leadership of Neal S. Lachman and Gregory Nemitz, conceived the concept for a different kind of telecommunications company. One that would bring about next-generation innovations and offer corresponding premium services to all, with the central remit of ensuring customer happiness, through transforming and enhancing people’s everyday lives, and by creating a true lifestyle convergence company. Together with partners, we are realizing this vision within our first international markets where we will offer a major step-change in wired, wireless, mobile, and associated content services – to enable seamless convergence and lay a solid foundation for emerging application areas such as smart cities, internet of things, and immersive digital worlds, among others. We act in the true spirit of our motto – Going Beyond Imagination.